Rules for Danish Education

Who can apply?

Danish education is a free Danish course for a newly arrived foreign nationals above the age of 18 who meet the following criteria:

  • Legal residence either temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit, and an address in one of the municipalities in Denmark.


  • Legal residence under the EU-regulations and place of residence in a Danish municipality.
  • EU-border commuters who work or own a business in Denmark, with place of residence outside of Denmark.

Note: It is your municipality of residence that refers you to a Danish course.

S-student or I-student

Under the Danish Education legislation, a distinction is made between S-students and I-students.

You are an S-student, if you reside in Denmark as or due to:

  • Work or study
  • As an accompanying spouse
  • As a result of familiy reunification under the EU-rules
  • Work as an au pair

You are an I-student, if you have a refugee status in Denmark or reside in Denmark under the Alien Act of family reunification.


If you are working, studying or working as an au pair in Denmark, you are entitled to Danish education within the deadlines of a so-called klippekort (a voucher system). You have a set of deadlines to complete the individual modules of your course and the course as a whole:

– If you are a self-supporting student (S-student), the general rule is that you have to complete your Danish Education within 3½ years.
– If you are referred under the Integration Act (I-student), you have to complete your Danish Education within 5 years.

Read more about the “Klippekort” here


When you are referred to a Danish education, the tuition is free.

However, you are required to pay a deposit of DKK 2000,- before you can start. This applies only to S-students.

Read more on deposit rules and pay here.

Self paying students

If you are not eligible for the free Danish course, you can participate as a self- paying student. The price is DKK 124,- per lesson.

More information

Find more information on Danish education at the Education Guide and at


See executive order on Danish language teaching here.